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Les vins


Les cuvées Domaine

Alliance of our terroirs for a work on the fruit and delicacy, the range Les cuvées Domaine is composed of Maguelonne, Palissaire and Petite Selve.

Les Terroirs

As a true expression of our terroir, this range reflects the richness of three of our parcels' distinct identities through three different wines : Saint Régis, Beaulieu and Serre de Berty.

Les Confidentielles

Selection of the most beautiful grapes from our finest terroirs, the range Les Confidentielles expresses itself with delicacy through four exceptional wines : L'audacieuse, Solera MMXI, Madame de and Florence.

  • Florence

    « Lace, elegance and freshness »

  • L'Audacieuse

    « A delicate rosé from the terroir »

  • Madame de

    « A Viognier with a powerful mineral personality »

  • Solera MMXI

    « A natural and sweet Viognier with freshness and complexity »


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