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9 June 2020

Driving electronic scooter around La Selve

Hello !

Let me introduce myself, my name is Lucile, and I’m on an internship this summer at the Château de La Selve.

You will find me of course at the Caveau, and on different activities. Once in a while, you’ll find me again with these posts to share with you my experiences at La Selve.

Today, I’m very pleased to let you discover  an activity that I loved : La Selve on electronic scooter.

Lucile with her electronic scooter

Lucile with her electronic scooter

You should have heard about these new electric scooters, imagine it on an off-road version !

Even better, imagine yourself on that electronic scooter, in the middle of the vine, in full nature.

Unlike the parisian electronic scooters when you have to zigzag between cars and crosswalks, here, you just take good time in the vine shoots. A very peaceful way to decompress and admire the vine growing.

What better place to talk about our wines and our terroirs ?

We pass between the vine ranks, enjoying the wonderful landscapes.

Electronic scooter in the vines

Electronic scooter in the vines

The electronic scooter is really easy to use, and you quickly let yourself go, passing from little moments of madness where you speed up, to moments of idyllical contemplation.

It is an inedit way to discover Ardèche and its landscapes, but also of course, the wines origins with the different terroirs.

We began to follow the Chassezac, and we stopped to enjoy of a wonderful view on the castle. We next went to the garrigue, at the Hameau de Comps. We also went through a very tiny hood, very cute ! As much landscapes as flavours in the wines…

Electronic scooter in the vines

Electronic scooter in the vines

Actually, after this beautiful time out, we had the pleasure to taste the wines of the Domaine, that made really sense because we could have situate where the vines where they came from.

In the heart of the cuverie, quite cold place very welcomed  after the effort, it was a real pleasure to discover the cuvées.

Tasting Cuvées Domaine Château de la Selve

Cuvées domaine Chateau de La Selve

The beautiful days are coming back, and it’s time to enjoy ! Everything is set up to welcome you in all security.

Booking and further informations here : https://www.chateau-de-la-selve.fr/activite/la-selve-a-trottinette/ 

Looking forward to meeting you, see you soon !


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