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10 June 2020

Astonishing experience with the Oenological Workshop

Hello, it’s Lucile !

Today, I’d like to let you know about a very pleasant activity : The Oenological Workshop !

An enjoyable and surprising way to discover wine tasting, without any prejudice.

Did you ever taste in a completely black and opaque glass ? It’s destabilizing, but not less interesting.

View is a very conditionning sense…

Oenological Workshop

Oenological Workshop

I had never tasted before in a black glass, and deprived of an essential sense, I was a little bit confused. But the discovery that followed, about the wine I just tasted, was even more disconcerting !

Come and taste, you’ll see…

Understand the difference between two cuvées from the same grape variety, or two vintages of the same wine… The tasting is becoming a pleasant and informative game.


Tasting Room for the Oenological Workshop

Tasting Room for the Oenological Workshop

We also discussed about winemaking process, to understand what it gives to wines and the differences it generates. Does the wine I taste is aged in oak barrel or in amphora ? And what difference does it provides to the wine ?

View from the tasting room

View from the tasting room

And you, would you dare to confront you to the black glass ?

More information here : https://www.chateau-de-la-selve.fr/activite/ateliers-oenologiques/ 

See you very soon,



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